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Institute Policy Management

In October of 2012, the Institute launched the Institute Policy Development and Life Cycle Process and the Institute Policy Library. The primary goal of this initiative was to create a process that would allow for new and existing policies to be developed and reviewed using a consistent and transparent set of policy standards and guidelines and to create a central repository for all Institute level polices that are easily searchable by campus stakeholders.

The purpose of the Institute Policy Development and Life Cycle Process is to provide a mechanism for development of new policies, review of existing policies and communication of policy updates to the campus community. Additionally, the policy management process allows for the campus community to provide feedback on policies in the review process through the campus comment period. For a more thorough review of the process please visit the Institute Policy Development page where you will find a master glossary, policy development templates, and a frequently asked questions section.

After policies are reviewed and approved, they are added to a "Book" in the Policy Library. Each "Book" houses all Institute policies related to that subject matter area. A bonus feature in the Policy Library is the option to print out a PDF of the policy book complete with a table of contents so all policies within that book can be quickly referenced by users. Please take some time to visit the Policy Library and also provide us with feedback about your experience!

For additional information about the Institute Policy Library and Process, please take a look at the policy video below. It walks you through the features of the Policy Library and explains the Policy Development Process. We hope you enjoy this quick video and will reach out to the Institute Policy Management Team with any additional questions or comments.

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