Meet Our Team

Sara Belaineh – Investigator
Sara Belaineh Investigator, Ethics and Compliance
Terry Bridges
Terry Bridges Director, Ethics and Compliance (GTRI)
Aaron Cohen – Investigator
Aaron Cohen Investigator, Ethics and Compliance
Sheila Cranman
Sheila Cranman Assistant Chief Counsel, Export & Trade
Kelly Cross
Kelly Cross Institute Policy Manager, Ethics and Compliance
Susann D. Estroff
Susann D. Estroff Assistant Chief Counsel, Privacy
Melissa Hall
Melissa Hall Deputy Chief Ethics Compliance Officer & Director of Investigations
Ling-Ling Nie
Ling-Ling Nie General Counsel and Vice President
Jodie Quintero – Administrative Professional
Jodie Quintero Compliance Analyst, Ethics and Compliance
Sally Robertson
Sally Robertson Counsel, Ethics and Compliance
Lauren Scott
Lauren Scott Staff Counsel, Ethics and Compliance (GTRI)
Sherryll Thrash
Sherryll Thrash Program Support Coordinator, Ethics & Compliance
Kara Tucker – Director & Lead Counsel, Ethics & Compliance
Kara Tucker Director & Lead Counsel, Ethics and Compliance
Bing Wang
Bing Wang Counsel & Advisor to the General Counsel