Meet Our Team

Sara Belaineh – Investigator
Sara Belaineh Investigator, Ethics and Compliance
Terry Bridges
Terry Bridges Director, Ethics and Compliance (GTRI)
Aaron Cohen – Investigator
Aaron Cohen Investigator, Ethics and Compliance
Sheila Cranman
Sheila Cranman Assistant Chief Counsel, Export & Trade
Kelly Cross
Kelly Cross Institute Policy Manager
Susann D. Estroff
Susann D. Estroff Assistant Chief Counsel, Privacy
Melissa Hall
Melissa Hall Deputy Chief Ethics Compliance Officer & Director of Investigations
Ling-Ling Nie
Ling-Ling Nie General Counsel & Vice President
Jodie Quintero – Administrative Professional
Jodie Quintero Compliance Analyst, Ethics and Compliance
Sally Robertson
Sally Robertson Counsel, Ethics and Compliance
Lauren Scott
Lauren Scott Staff Counsel, Ethics and Compliance (GTRI)
Kara Tucker – Director & Lead Counsel, Ethics & Compliance
Kara Tucker Director & Lead Counsel, Ethics and Compliance