Affiliated Organizations, a unit within the Office of the General Counsel, anchors the collaborative dynamic between the Institute and its thirteen independent institution-related entities (“Affiliated Organizations” and/or “Cooperative Organizations”). These independent entities, formed primarily to support Georgia Tech and its programs, operate in compliance with Board of Regents Policy § 6.17 – Cooperative Organizations, and the related guiding principles. Their activities span from capital projects to expanding technology ventures.

The collaboration between the Institute and its Affiliated Organizations is essential to furthering Georgia Tech's overarching vision. Affiliated Organizations ensures these organizations not only support Georgia Tech but also align with the Institute’s mission, strategic goals, and a shared commitment to professionalism and purpose. By doing so, each Affiliated Organization not only supports and helps sustains the Institute’s initiatives but also charts their own distinguished path in its domain.

Our key areas of focus include:

  • Collaboration: Working closely with key Institute stakeholders, including leadership, and external advisors to provide guidance and expert advice that advance the Institute’s mission and goals.
  • Operational Excellence: Assuring our Affiliated Organizations' activities are consistent with the Board of Regents policy and guiding principles and aligns with Georgia Tech's strategic and operational objectives.
  • Transparent Stewardship: Ensuring the business and financial activities of the Affiliate Organizations align with those of the Institute, promoting an environment of trust, collaboration, and a shared sense of purpose.
  • Innovation: Serving as a hub for creativity, continually adapting and refining our strategies to meet Georgia Tech's evolving needs.

Together with our nonprofit affiliates, we are committed to turning Georgia Tech's vision into reality, creating new standards in our pursuit of excellence.

Our Staff

Tanesha Steward

Tanesha Steward

Executive Director