Electronic Export Information (EEI) Filing

  • All Exports to China, Russia & Venezuela under an ECCN require an EEI filing PRIOR to export. Please contact export@gatech.edu 30 days in advance of export/travel.
  • EEI filings are required PRIOR to export (shipping) if the value of the export exceeds $2,500.00 or if an export license is required.
  • The EEI filing must be made PRIOR to export (shipping) and provide a copy of the EEI filing to the Export & Trade Compliance Team prior to shipping at export@gatech.edu (or to the team member handling your review).
  • FedEx Trade Networks can assist with EEI filing when you ship with FedEx. Our primary contact there is Patrick Moran (404.684.2233), (404-275-3954) (pjmoran2@fedex.com ).


Contact the Office of General Counsel (OGC) Export Team at import@gatech.edu for ALL imports & international purchases.

Please complete the import questionnaire and email it to import@gatech.edu.

For Import Custom clearance inquires please contact FedEx Trade Networks at: FTN_ATL_Brokerage@fedex.com

In addition to import@gatech.edu, also contact the appropriate Georgia Tech compliance office if an import involves research with: ( add new links when have for IRB and IACUC)

  • Human subjects
  • Recombinant DNA (rDNA) and synthetic nucleic acid molecules
  • Vertebrate animals