Positioned within the Office of the General Counsel, Legal Affairs the steadfastly upholds the Institute’s mission and values, ensuring compliance with pertinent laws, regulations and policies in achieving its academic, research, entrepreneurial, and global initiatives. Our approach is two-fold: mitigate the Institute’s legal risks while advancing the Institute's key programs and strategic goals.

Our tailored legal expertise is organized into four specialized teams:

  • Employment & Litigation: Serving as the primary bridge between the Institute and the Attorney General’s office, we manage document requests, provide guidance on employment and HR matters, ensuring the Institute’s compliance.
  • Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI): Stewards of GTRI’s innovative research, we provide legal and compliance guidance, ensuring GTRI’s endeavors meet federal, state, and institutional standards.
  • Student Life & Academic Affairs: Prioritizing student success, we partner with educators and leaders, advocating for academic freedom and enriching the Institute's academic initiatives.
  • Transaction & Administration: Collaborating closely with stakeholders, we advance the Institute’s initiatives using a solutions-focused approach, ensuring alignment with the Institute’s mission, strategic goals and legal requirements.

Legal Affairs plays a pivotal role at Georgia Tech, turning potential pitfalls into opportunities for informed decision-making. With the collective efforts of our specialized teams, prioritizing transparency, integrity and teamwork, we ensure the Institute thrives and is prepared for the demands of today’s dynamic world.

For additional information on the array of legal subjects we address, please explore our Legal Topics section. To streamline processes, select standard form agreements are available in the Forms section. For frequently asked questions and additional details, please browse our Legal Affairs FAQs.

Nothing contained within this site should be construed as legal advice from the Office of Legal Affairs.  The materials presented are for informational purposes only and for internal use by the Georgia Institute of Technology.  Unless otherwise indicated, the information on this site does not change or affect any policy, regulation or rule of the Georgia Institute of Technology or the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia.