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We act ethically

Our ethics are embedded in everything we do — we act ethically. Our values define who we are and who we aspire to be as a community. The Code of Ethics applies to all of us working at Georgia Tech and serves as our compass to help point us in the right direction of ethical decision-making and using good judgment.


Speak Up!

Each of us has a duty to listen up, speak up, and be responsive. If you see something that does not look or feel right, report the concern to the appropriate resource. Retaliation for speaking up is not tolerated at Georgia Tech.

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We thrive on diversity and nurture the well-being of the community

When we follow our laws and policies that allow for freedom of expression and promote diversity, we nurture one another and build a stronger Georgia Tech community in which people are treated with respect, professionalism, and dignity. We are greater together.


We are responsible stewards

We are careful stewards of the resources and information we are entrusted with and strive to be an example of sustainability, efficiency, respect, and responsibility.

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Conflicts of Interest and Outside Activities

We love and promote collaboration. As we work with others, we must be fully transparent about our collaborations. We are all expected to conduct business with integrity and without foreign or outside influence, and we all have a duty to avoid conflicts between our own personal interests and our official responsibilities as employees.


Conduct Research Responsibly

As a leading research institute, it is important that ethics guides our conduct in research as well. Georgia Tech is committed to promoting scientific inquiry and fostering an ethical research environment that allows researchers to work together toward common goals and promote public confidence in our scientific knowledge and progress for the public good.

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Retain Accurate Records

It’s important that we keep accurate records and for an appropriate length of time. We should never falsify, forge, backdate, or improperly alter Georgia Tech records, including hours worked, transactions associated with compensation, or information related to the reimbursement of expenses.


Personal Relationships at Work

Some kinds of relationships may compromise or appear to compromise your ability to perform your job responsibilities, may create uncomfortable work environments, or may raise issues of fairness or favoritism. Look at the USG and GT policies to see what kinds of relationships might need review or be prohibited.

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Political Activity

Part of upholding and celebrating freedom of inquiry and expression is participating freely and actively in the political process. We do, however, have to keep our political activities from interfering with, or being associated with, our employment, including the use of state resources.


Gifts or Items of Value

We should never solicit or accept money or anything of value (e.g. discounts or services) that is intended to influence a decision, as a reward for a decision we made, or in exchange for confidential information. Look at the USG policy and Georgia law to see what kinds of gifts are acceptable.

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