The mission of the Privacy Program is to balance the collection, sharing, and use of Institute personal data assets and the appropriate level of privacy afforded to individuals who trust the Institute with their personal data, while also taking into consideration the Georgia Tech community's legitimate business need to collect, share, and use personal data.

The Privacy Program must also ensure compliance with applicable data privacy laws and regulations and University System of Georgia requirements.

Vision and Goals

  • Ensure the Institute's compliance with all applicable legal requirements and University System of Georgia requirements concerning data privacy.
  • Establish a data privacy culture that allows for the creative and innovative uses of data for Institute business while respecting the individuals who trust us with their information.
  • Create awareness and educate the Georgia Tech community about the importance and value of privacy, the ethics of privacy, compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and that privacy is everyone's responsibility.
  • Create a process where data subjects can engage with the Institute concerning their privacy inquiries and understand and execute their rights concerning their data.

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Training and Resources

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Data Subject Requests