Each member of the Georgia Tech community is responsible for speaking up and reporting concerns. Unethical behavior depletes resources, morale, and culture, and it works against the values that Georgia Tech has established as a leading academic and research institution.

Georgia Tech works to maintain a positive and productive working and learning environment; therefore, each report of unethical behavior is taken seriously and investigated with care and concern.

Where to Report?

Direct Supervisor Upper Level Management within Unit GT Employee Relations Office of the Provost (Faculty Affairs) Dean of Students/Office of Student Integrity Ethicspoint
Concerns about general work assignment issues Items that remain unresolved after speaking with your direct supervisor Concerns about performance standards Student and faculty academic conflict or issues Student code of conduct violations Fraud, waste, or abuse allegations
Communication issues Items that you feel uncomfortable speaking with your supervisor about or might involve your supervisor Management of employees Research and scholarly misconduct allegations   Major policy violations including retaliation, discrimination, and hostile work environment
General conflicts between employees     Other conflicts between students and faculty   Conflicts of interest; Other ethics concerns
    404-894-4847 or employeerelations@ohr.gatech.edu Kyla Ross, Assistant VP for Advocacy and Conflict Resolution 404-849-2863  kyla.ross@gatech.edu 404-894-2565 Ethics and Compliance Reporting Line

What Happens When I Report?

complaint process infographic

Infographic text for accessibility:

Ethics & Compliance Complaint Process
1. Allegation Received
*Helpline, walk-in, phone, email, letter, etc.

2. Sub Triage
All allegations are discussed and briefly assessed for merit in the appropriate groups and sent to Internal Triage with recommendations

3. Internal Triage
Reviews recommendations and assigns appropriately

4a. Merit

  • Investigative teams - full investigation launch
  • Review documents, conduct interviews, complete draft report
  • Hold closeout meetings, management response
  • Finalize investigative report issued - substantiated, partially substantiated or unsubstantiated

4b. No Merit
Memo summarized review and close case unsubstantiated