Campus Services within Student Engagement and Well-Being is the primary entry point for filming requests on the Georgia Tech campus, ensuring a seamless and compliant filming process.

Filming Coordination and Logistics

The Film Logistics personnel in Campus Services serve as the main point of contact for film and commercial photography requests. They guide requestors through the process, manage logistics, and facilitate communication with Georgia Tech stakeholders. Detailed film project and/or commercial photography shoot proposals and/or descriptions are key for the Campus Services team to provide effective assistance.

Note: There may be fees associated with the requested filming project or commercial photography shoot. If so, the requestor will be notified accordingly of the specific fees.

Film Logistics Committee

Complex filming projects and/or commercial photography shoots may involve the Film Logistics Committee (FLC), which includes representatives from essential campus departments. The Campus Services team works with the FLC to review and approve filming and commercial photography requests in accordance with Institute policies and logistical concerns.

For more information and FAQs on filming at Georgia Tech, including a Scout Request Form, please visit the Campus Filming website:

GT Standard Filming Agreements

Legal Affairs, in collaboration with campus partners, has developed standard filming and commercial photography agreement templates. These templates adhere to Georgia Tech and Board of Regents policies and include all necessary terms for filming on campus, from use of Georgia Tech facilities and safety compliance to desired use of Georgia Tech’s name.

We provide tailored Filming and Commercial Photography Agreement Templates for different scopes and specific needs of film productions and/or commercial photography shoots, ensuring compliance and efficiency. For instance, our Small Filming and Commercial Photography Location Agreements are for smaller projects while our more comprehensive Filming and Commercial Photography Location Agreements are designed to accommodate larger productions with multiple locations.

Small film or commercial photography projects typically consists of:

  • Small Crew Size: Less than five (5) people.
  • Short Time Span: A few hours or one day.
  • Small Footprint: One location or space, such as a single classroom or outside space.

Large film or commercial photography projects, on the other hand, usually involve:

  • Large Crew Size or Multiple Crews: A crew typically more than five (5) people or multiple crews.
  • Extended Time Span: Several days or weeks.
  • Large Footprint: Multiple locations or spaces.

For select locations like the Historic Academy of Medicine (AoM) Building, Campus Recreation Center (CRC), and GT Athletics Association (GTAA) venues, specialized agreement templates are also available. The Campus Services team, with Legal Affairs’ consultation, will select the most appropriate template for each filming activity.

Student Filming

Student film projects are supported by the Campus Services team and the FLC, ensuring they adhere to Georgia Tech policies. Our Student Filming Permit Agreement facilitates a streamlined process for student-led, short-term, and small-scale projects. This approach cultivates creativity, hands-on learning, and a safe, supportive environment for student filmmakers within the Georgia Tech community.

Third-Party Filming Agreements

Georgia Tech, as a state agency and governed by Georgia state laws and Board of Regents policies, cannot agree to certain terms, such as indemnification, governing laws (other than Georgia), waiving legal rights, etc. For filming on campus, Georgia Tech’s standard Filming Location Agreements are required and third-party location agreements will not be accepted.

In addition, Georgia Tech does not grant rights to the images and likeness of its employees. These must be individually negotiated, clearly delineating the distinct rights of the Institute and its employees.

For questions or assistance with contractual language in filming agreements, please contact Legal Affairs at

Engaging External Filming Services at Georgia Tech

For Georgia Tech employees seeking to hire an external company to film Institute-related activities or content on campus, please first contact GT Procurement. This initial step is required as the activity entails procurement of filming services, a task managed by GT Procurement & Business Services. To initiate this process, submit a request through the ServiceNow portal:

It's equally important to involve the Campus Services team early in the planning stages. The Campus Services team, which oversees campus filming activities, assists in ensuring that filming activities comply with Institute policies and helps obtain the necessary clearances for filming certain Institute activities.

Note: For such filming activities, the standard Georgia Tech Services Agreement developed for filming services should be used. This agreement, a collaborative effort between Legal Affairs, Campus Services, and GT Procurement, is specifically designed for filming on the Georgia Tech campus. It includes all necessary terms for such filming activities and is aligned with Georgia Tech’s requirements as a Georgia state agency.