A subpoena is a legal order that requires an individual or organization to produce documents, provide testimony, or perform other actions in legal proceedings. Subpoenas are issued in various cases, including civil litigation, criminal investigations, and administrative proceedings. If you receive a subpoena, please immediately contact Legal Affairs at asklegal@gatech.edu.

Types of Subpoenas

Subpoenas are typically issued in two primary forms:

  1. Subpoenas for Documents: Require the production of specific documents or records relevant to a legal matter.
  2. Subpoenas for Court Appearances: Compel individuals to appear and testify in court or at a deposition under oath.

Mandatory Compliance

Comply with a subpoena’s requirements is not optional. It’s mandatory. Failure to comply with a subpoena may result in legal penalties, including fines and contempt of court charges. Thus, it’s important to take subpoenas seriously and respond promptly and appropriately.

Confidentiality and Subpoenas

In some instances, the USA PATRIOT Act may prohibit disclosure of the subpoena’s existence, potentially limiting what information can be shared. It’s imperative to consult Legal Affairs when you receive a subpoena, regardless of any perceived disclosure restrictions.

For subpoenas addressed to the Institute or related to Georgia Tech work, please do not hesitate to Legal Affairs immediately at asklegal@gatech.edu. We provide guidance to handle subpoenas effectively, adhering to legal constraints and confidentiality requirements. 

Search Warrants

For Law Enforcement Agents

Law enforcement agents seeking information or executing search warrants should contact Legal Affairs for guidance and coordination.

For Georgia Tech Faculty and Staff

If approached by law enforcement with a search warrant, it's important to comply with the warrant and notify Legal Affairs immediately. We will ensure the search is conducted in accordance with legal requirements.