Required Export Training

Export training is an annual requirement.  All personnel that work on or have access to export controlled information are required to participate in annual training.  While the frequency has not changed and remains an annual requirement, the course offerings and platforms available have changed over the past few years and will continue to change to meet the needs of the Institute.  The goal of the training is to educate and provide awareness to personnel of their responsibilities to safeguard and prevent inadvertent or inappropriate disclosure of controlled items, information or technical data.   

All personnel are required to take the basic course initially.  Refresher trainings will be taken for two years after an initial training. On the third year, individuals will be required to retake the initial training.

The instructions that follow will help you register for CITI, locate the training, and ensure you get credit for the course.

Registering for CITI

If you are not yet registered in CITI, you will need to do so before you can find the training. Go to and click the blue “LOG IN” button at the top right of the page. Once you are taken to the new page, in the left (white background) area, click "LOG IN THROUGH MY ORGANIZATION" (this is a link)Once you are taken to the new page, start typing “Georgia Institute of Technology” in the box under “To find your organization....” Then, a blue button with "Continue to SSO/Login Instructions" will appear--click it.

 Image shows screenshot of CITI training search bar for users to find Georgia Tech.

Complete the registration process by following the prompts, which may require you to input your GTID number, your Georgia Tech address, email address, etc. You will also have to select a role – this is just a formality. If your exact title is not listed, just pick something close.  Check the entries and click the blue "Confirm" button.

Locating Export Training in CITI

You will now be logged in to the landing page of the CITI Program, with its Institutional and Individual courses.  The top right of the page will display how many courses you have completed.  When logged on, click on View Courses.

Scroll down the list of courses.  You should find “Georgia Institute of Technology –Export Compliance (EC)” near the bottom. This is the required course

Click the appropriate box to begin.  This basic course is required to be taken initially and once every three years thereafter.  

Every other year, one must take a Refresher Course.  To access that, click the link for “Add a Course.”  You will see a list of possible courses.  Choose and check the listing for “Export Compliance (EC) Refresher.” Click Next.  You will then come to a page where you are invited to add “Stage 2. Refresher.”  Click Submit.  Then once again, click View Courses.  You should now see Click Start Now to begin.

Image shows bar reflecting progress completion for modules


Getting Credit for the Course

After you complete a module you will be given an opportunity to view and print a completion certificate. 

CITI Export Compliance Training - TCP

All individuals working on a project/software/equipment with a Technology Control Plan (TCP) must complete export training before beginning work or being charged to the project. Annual refresher trainings will be required throughout the life of a project. Refresher trainings will be taken for two years after an initial training. On the third year, individuals will be required to retake the initial training.

Training can be accessed at: Select Georgia Institute of Technology and login via the GT SSO.