International Travel

Plan Ahead to Avoid Problems

Ask questions ahead of any international trip to ensure that technology or information can be taken out of the United States or if a license may be required to avoid violating export control laws. While most international travel does not present export control issues, it is your responsibility to ensure that proper licenses are in place for any controlled items. 

Because you, as an individual, and Georgia Tech can be held liable for improperly transferring controlled technology, it is important that you review the applicable federal regulations. See ITAR Munitions and EAR Commerce Control.

All Institute travel must be authorized Institute Travel Authorization Procedures. This should be completed no less than 30 days prior to all international travel. Possible export control concerns are highlighted in the international section and routed to for further review as necessary.

Computer Advisories

Any computers or laptops that contain non-commercial, special purpose, or encryption software may be export controlled and require special considerations to export outside of the United States. GT Cyber Security has information and travel tips to consider prior to all travel regarding laptop computers, cell phones, and securing data.  Personnel working under a Technology Control Plan (TCP) should consult their TCP for guidance on accessing email or other institute systems while abroad. 

International Collaborations

The Office of Industry Engagement executes research agreements with foreign sponsors and works closely with the Office of Export Controls to ensure compliance with export regulations. Other sponsored projects involving international collaborations are also reviewed by the Office of Export Controls. Any other questions regarding international collaborations may be sent to

As soon as you know you will be traveling internationally, complete the Travel Authority Request form, and review this FBI Intelligence Note: Malware Installed on Travelers' Laptops Through Software Updates on Hotel Internet Connections.

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